शम योग

If I could sum up my Yoga practice in one word, it would be "Shama". Shama is a Sanskrit word meaning inner harmony.

In the yoga tradition Shama refers to the conscious harmony of the Whole Self – body, mind and emotions. In the Vedas (India’s oldest sacred texts) the word Yoga is used alongside the word Shama, meaning harmonious union.

To me, this suggests the idea of inner harmony and the profound connection between our inner world and the Universe itself. Yoga is there to help us explore this mystical connection in a balanced way.
- Steve Avian

Rooted in the ancient traditions and classic Hatha style, Shamayoga is an inspired and integrated eclectic approach to learning and teaching yoga in the 21st century.

For Yoga Practioners wanting to deepen and share their knowledge we offer a one year (200hrs) internationally recognised Yoga Alliance certificated teacher training course covering all aspects of yoga practice, theory and teaching.

For beginners and advanced alike we offer ongoing yoga classes, workshops, yoga retreats and music for Yoga and relaxation. All styles and spiritual paths warmly welcomed.