Excellent. Amazing .Why didn't i do this sooner.Loved the weekends and the way everyone helps each other.Justine Furness

Have really enjoyed it . From day one gaining experience of what teaching yoga is like . Lovely open environment.Freya Chapman-Amey

Thankyou so much it's the best thing I've ever done .Ann Meadows

Steve is a really good teacher. Very clear in delivering. Makes you feel at home . Very knowledgeable. Great weekends.Keely Shaw

"Dear Steve, what an amazing year! Thank you sooooo much for your energy and nurturing Ommmm." Ali (Parnell)

"Steve, you're such an inspiration. I hope our paths will meet again. Thank you so much."Lisa (Cronin)

"Thank you for your support and inspiration and motivation. The journey for me has just begun."Konny (Scotthorne)

"Thank you so much. I have learned so much about myself. You have put me on the right path."Paula (Rist)

"It's been wonderful joining each other on our yoga journeys. Thank you. Namaste." India (Hudson)

"Thank you so much Steve. I have learnt so much wisdom from you. You are an inspiration. Bless you."Gail (Stephens)

"Dearest Steveananda, Thank you sooo much. I've had a wonderful journey."Laura (Heath)

"Hope we get a chance to do some collaboration in yoga.  You're awesome!"kayte (Pritchard)

"Steve, Thank you so much. It's been a wonderful year."Molly (Newman)

"I have thoroughly enjoyed Steve's Yoga Teacher Training. It covered all aspects of yoga, from the more physical asanas to meditation and relaxation techniques, as well as working with energy, and the broader aspects of the philosophy of yoga.
Basically it gave me the opportunity to approach yoga as a lifestyle rather than just a body/mind exercise. It taught me how to integrate yoga into every aspect of my daily life. By the end of the course I felt confident that I could stand in front of a class and teach yoga.
The poses were analysed in depth, in particular under the point of view of correct alignment. I also loved the specific classes about teaching yoga to children or pregnant women.
Steve manages to give his students a good understanding of all aspects of yoga, and at the same time each aspect is studied in depth. I also enjoyed the atmosphere of his classes, where I met lovely people who I am now friends with.
I would recommend Steve's Yoga Teacher Training to anyone who wants to become a yoga teacher , and also to anyone who wants to experience yoga from a deeper point of view than that of a normal yoga class.
Roberta"Roberta (Sutherland)

"A comprehensive and professional course that has managed to capture a real personal feel to it. I am enjoying every moment! I think the course is suitable for a real range of people- our group consists of experienced teachers through to people that just wish to expand their knowledge and enjoyment of Yoga.
Every weekend is like going on a retreat to recharge!"Jo (Boltt)

"The course that Steve runs is well organised with a good balance of academic and practical work. It also includes a teaching practice every other month, which for me is invaluable as I came to the course with no teaching experience at all. Steve is very supportive and eager to hear our views on different aspects of the course and it's guest lectures. So far I have found the course very enjoyable, I have already learnt so much more about yoga and it's practice."Tina (Halstead)

"I am really enjoying learning about all the different aspects of yoga and am gaining huge personal benefits; my own practice is much more focused and rewarding and my confidence in teaching is growing. The weekends are intense with lots to learn but thanks to the tutors and the students they are also fun and interesting."Sara (Shardlow)

"I am really enjoying the course. I have taught yoga for several years already but am finding the course invaluable - it is inspiring me again, reminding me of details I've forgotten and filling in gaps in my knowledge. Working in isolation as a teacher can be difficult and its great to meet such lovely people and be able to discuss things with them. The weekends are quite intense with the time well filled and I feel I have learned alot at the end of each one. I particularly value the informal atmosphere Steve has created on the course, and the practical, hands on approach."Caroline (Dickson)

"I am really enjoying the course. We have a variety of teachers throughout the course, with differing experiences and backgrounds; this adds diversity and depth of knowledge to the teaching practice. Steve is a great teacher with a real passion for yoga, he brings focus and attention to all the different aspects of yoga. The true spirit of yoga is definitely emphasised."Rebecca (Wraith)

"Lots of variety, plenty to think about and work with. We are improving techniques, working with partners and expanding what we already know and learning more. Various tutors bring their expertise and experience to share with us. The workshops are very practical with lots of time to ask questions and explore."Kris (Williamson)

"I'm learning so much on this course. It is interesting to take things beyond just physical movement and into more spiritual territory than I am used to. Steve and Olivia seem like ideal guides on my yoga journey - they always seem to have answers to my questions and I look forward to the rest of the course. Back on the physical stuff, the tutors seems to know an awful lot. I think between the instructors I am in safe hands and will improve my yoga practice on all levels."Eve (Webster)

"I am really enjoying the course and the company. I wasn't sure what to expect but it wasn't this! I really like the spiritual side, nicely balanced with practical work. The anatomy is very interesting. It is nice to have a variety of guest speakers."Sue (Phillips)

"The course is comprehensive, well structured and enjoyable. It has been very informative for me and I feel I have gained valuable knowledge which hopefully I may pass on to others. The tutors are friendly, patient and fun. I am particularly keen on the anatomy of yoga and have found this to be very interesting."Eric (Wilkinson)

"When I enrolled for the course I wanted to learn more about the different aspects of yoga, and expand from a knowledge base of just asanas. I was open minded when I began the course and I have not been disappointed. My fellow students are from such varied backgrounds that we all gain from the knowledge and gifts everyone brings to the group.
"The course teaches on instruction and practice, whilst encouraging self reflection and you find that although we teach each other, we also teach ourselves as we are opened up to unexplored areas of yoga."Jude (Ritchie)

"Before I started the course, my knowledge of Yoga as a whole was very basic, I had experienced Pranayama and Meditation and knew about Chakras and obviously had practised Asanas.
However, through the guidance and teachings of Steve, I feel that I have learned a lot more than I expected. Steve has obviously spent a lot of time preparing for each class as well as the handouts which we receive each month.
He creates a relaxing atmosphere and puts everyone at ease whilst still providing some really interesting classes! I think that I can vouch for the whole group that whilst he is our teacher, I imagine that he will be a very good lifelong friend."Helen (Taylor)

"Steve Avian and the tutors offer a diverse experience of yoga. We are encouraged to explore the different aspects of yoga and develop our own understanding and practice.
I feel very comfortable and at ease with all the students in the group and I am grateful to them and to Steve and the tutors for making this journey such a wonderful experience.
I look forward to each training weekend in anticipation of all the new discoveries I will encounter."Helen (Fleming)

"I am really enjoying the yoga teachers' training and look forward to the weekends. There is a great group of people doing the course.
My understanding of yoga has widened and my home practice deepened. The workshops are excellent and the practical experience invaluable."Cathy (Pink)

"An intensive, well paced course, exploring all the aspects of yoga. This course gives a solid basis from which to teach while allowing students to be creative and develop their own individual style.
A chance to contemplate the nature of your own spiritual journey and watch it begin to unfold!"Sarah (Atkin)

"Doing the Yoga teacher training course, was a soul enriching experience. I have gained and learned lots of new skills, enhanced my development and broadened my understandings and views to Yoga and its philosophies.
Steve provides an in-depth and detailed approach to yoga, with a thoughtful attitude and consideration for everyone within the class. Each day was filled with a variety of lessons, physical and spiritual.
The course has given me the confidence and knowledge to teach others in a practical and sound approach, taking into regard each person on an individual path.
I have gained so much from this course and would recommend it to anyone wishing to study yoga, teach yoga or/and just to broaden ones horizons.
An excellent course. Many thanks for all the time, care and effort put into my progress"Jen (Leti)

"A creative course that explores all aspects of yoga from the ancient philosophies to new age beliefs. It assists on the physical level of teaching asanas and pranayama whilst also allowing exploration of the meditive and spiritual realms.
Steve's gentle and non-dogmatic approach encourages development of your own personal style, and the sharing of the whole group's knowledge and experience, invaluable.
A thoroughly enjoyable course which shall be missed along with everyone involved!"Sue (Fidler)

"I have really enjoyed the Teacher Training Course - intensive learning in a very relaxed atmosphere.
I like the emphasis upon using your own creativity and practising the yoga that feels right for you.
The discussions upon yogic philosophy are very thought-provoking and the bi-monthly teaching practises have been a gentle and fun way of introducing us to the world of teaching."Gareth (Watkins)

"Steve's obviously laid-back nature, his wealth of knowledge on the universe that is yoga and an openness to his own continued learning ooze out of his teaching practice.
With an eccletic blend of structured, classical yoga styles and theory, spontaneous teachings on everything from dealing with knee injuries to end-time prophecies, Steve's own unique yoga dances and endless opportunities for students to grow and gain confidence, this course is a must for anyone seeking that little bit more than your average yogi bear."Martin 'Rootsy' King

"Thanks for all your help and inspiration throughout the year . Its been an amazing journey and your dedication has helped build confidence in all of us. I feel very grateful. All the best for the next year."Helena ( Turner )

"I am so pleased I made the decision to do this course!
Steve's deep passion for yoga is very inspiring. His knowledge and understanding of the principles of yoga are invaluable. With a friendly teaching style and respect for everybody's unique needs he understands how to bring out the best in his students.
Opportunities to teach at bi-monthly workshops are a great way to explore and experience teaching. Steve encouraged me to find my inner yoga teacher and I now enjoy teaching yoga with a confidence I would never have imagined.
The relaxed atmosphere brought our group together and every weekend was a joy with lots of laughter.
This was a magical, life enriching course that also gave a solid grounding in teaching yoga.
I can't thank you enough Steve."Ruth (Robson)

"I have just completed an excellent year's course with Steve Avian at the Shamayoga School in Sheffield which is endorsed by the Yoga Alliance. It has been a great mix of practice and theory -improving and adjusting postures and exploring and researching the wider meaning of Yoga. We were also introduced to and learned from other practitioners working and applying their knowledge of yoga in many different fields.
Throughout the course Steve encouraged us gently and gave us the opportunity to teach others, which although daunting at the time, has proved to be invaluable as I now, recently qualified, have to organise, plan and face my own classes.
Finally, it has been an extremely enjoyable journey. I have met some great people on the way and we have laughed a lot. Steve is a great teacher, friendly, open and receptive but at the same time focussed on our development and progression."Fiona(Bleloch)

"To say I finished my workshop with Steve a different person wouldn't be an exaggeration.Throughout my year I experienced all the emotions! Plenty of laughter(and tears)I found my spiritual self dare I say for the first time and this will stand me in good stead for my journey ahead.
The way Steve allowed me to openly express myself is testament to his style of teaching.Many thanks again for making my time so rewarding both physically and spiritually."Christine (Blyth)

"Having just completed Steve's Yoga teacher training course, I am already missing it greatly! I would recommend anyone who has a passion for yoga, who wants to teach Yoga or who just wants to deepen their knowledge to sign up for the course today!
The course was everything I expected it to me, and so much more. Its a fantastic mix of ancient yoga philosophy, theory and practical work - also including a good amount of teaching practise.
I really don't know what part of the course I enjoyed the most - every month has a new topic from Chakra's, Mantra's, Mudra's and exploring and understanding ancient yogic texts. Most Sunday's we'd get into deep philosophical discussions which I really enjoyed. My personal physical practise has vastly improved as has my knowledge of pranayama and meditation.
Steve's own knowledge is vast and he has a fantastic teaching style which is open and encouraging. I am definitely ready to start teaching yoga and to set up my own class.
I am seriously going to miss the yoga weekends, Steve and the wonderful people I met on the course. Take care xx"Sine (Campbell)